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A fashion brand creating a funky, sustainable ever after one design at a time 

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco

Photo Credit: Jeff Fusco


A native of Philadelphia, Lizzy Gee moved to Brooklyn, NY to attend Pratt Institute class of 2018 to further develop her role as head designer of her brand. Her collections have been shown in dozens fashion shows, including Fashion Weeks in New York City, Philadelphia, and London. Her award-winning designs have been exhibited at galleries in Moore College of Art & Design, University of the Arts Philadelphia, Pratt Institute, and Screaming Mimi’s front window display in NOHO, Manhattan. Lizzy has designed, constructed and created garments for music artists Grimes, Jared Leto, and Kimbra. Her professional experience also includes teaching at the Handwork Studio, costume design at the Villanova University costume shop, and studio management at the Moore College of Art & Design. While studying in Brooklyn, Lizzy worked and apprenticed under designers such as Christian Siriano, Badgley Mischka, Mara Hoffman, and Nicola Formichetti. Most recently she organized her first independent fashion show in Brooklyn and appeared as a feature fashion designer in the December and January 2018 issues of British Vogue. She is continuing to build a clothing line with the mission to give the world innovative perspectives of beauty and functional design by breaking the boundaries of gender, society, and individuality. 

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Lizzy Gee was born in 2010 when Lizzy decided to create a fashion line that redefines and blurs the boundaries between gender performance, aesthetic feasibility, and contemporary history while using sustainable methods to develop her designs. By utilizing universal silhouettes, Lizzy seeks to create unisex garments that are attractive to male, female, and non-binary clientele. This interest stems from a passion and deeply-rooted interest in establishing new avenues for gender performance in fashion and daily wear. By balancing romantic styles with edgy composition, Lizzy's work engages with female empowerment and deconstructs restrictive definitions of masculinity. Lizzy aims to critique heteronormative constructions of gender by creating new garments from typically contrasting design elements. Lizzy firmly believes garments can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  Many of her garments have multiple functions such as her reversible wrap dresses and kimonos as well as big pockets and most are made from upcycled scrap fabrics. Much of her designs are inspired by a love of color and coexistence as individuals. For example, her collection “Breaking Free” was inspired by the fall of the Berlin Wall and explores tangible barriers (such as walls, gates, and doors) and invisible boundaries constructed by society such gender, race, and class. This collection featured a self-designed textile made from a home photograph of the wall, “Make Love, Not Wall” graffitied across its ruins. As part of a separate collection inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Lizzy constructed a Warrior Goddess dress made of a hand-melded, metal breastplate and cascading silk skirt. Many of Lizzy’s designs feature multiple textures, contrasting colors, and small yet symbolic details. Her brand fuses functional fashion design with fine art concepts and aims to utilize fashion to help society progress at a critical level. 

Photo Credit: Miranda Dahl

Photo Credit: Miranda Dahl


"If a girl can wear pants, a guy can wear a skirt." - Lizzy

"In another life I would be a rockstar, but for now I'll just dress them." - Julie Mollo

"I don't design for a gender, I design for a person." - Lizzy

"Just trying to change the world, one sequin at a time." - Lady Gaga

"I design for a state of mind, not an age group." -Lizzy

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