Lizzy Gee

A fashion brand creating a chic, sustainable ever after one design at a time


spring/summer 2020

A collection about the journey of growing self-love and acceptance. All-Inclusive.

Clothing/styling: Lizzy Gee

Model: Cecilia Kahangi

Photography: Franey Miller

Makeup & Hair: Annette Bragas

Location: Bushwick, Brooklyn


Spring/summer 2018/19

Clothing: Lizzy Gee

Models: Adeola & Aji Goodwin 

Photography: Lizzy Gee

Location: Fort Tilden, NYC


Wilder Wo/Mann

Spring 2017


Clothing/Styling: Lizzy Gee

Models: Sam Jamieson, Izzie Bastidas, & Lizzy Gee

Photography: Zin Min Thike Chen & Michael Murphy

Location: Brooklyn, NY

S/He's a Rebel

Fall 2016


Clothing/Jewelry: Lizzy Gee

Models: Adeola Goodwin, Mars Murray, & Lizzy Gee

Photography: Tessa Kerpan & Cindy Tran

Location: Brooklyn, NY

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